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There are many traditional villages and rural areas in Malaysia. They are all distinct in their culture, traditional colours, and features.
The village “kampung” is also a traditional gem of Penang. This is a beautiful spot that shows various colours of Malaysia. Each and every part of kampung reflects the culture of Malay. Therefore, it is considered a perfect place to have an experience of Malaysian culture and tradition.

Advantages Of Living In The Kampung Area:
Kampung area is a quiet peaceful village area located far from the busy city life. A large number of tourists cane every year to live in kampung to have peace of body and mind.

Following Are Some Of The Advantages Of Living In Kampung:
1. Simple Life
If you are looking for a simple and peaceful life kampung is the best area for you.
Instead of driving pollutant vehicles, you can walk to nearby grocery stores or a coffee shop. Traffic jams are very rare in this area.
The locals of kampung are living a very simple and peaceful life. Their life is running very smoothly.

2. Relaxing Place
Life at kampung is quite relaxing. The place is covered with greenery from all around. Tourists visit kampung with their family and friends to get relaxed from their busy life.
The sounds of birds chirping and roosters crowing in the morning give you an atmosphere you will never have in the city. You will also see lots of animals and birds of different colours here.

3. Refreshing Atmosphere
Kampung is an opportunity to breathe the fresh air and to come close to mother nature. The eye-catching scenery and sights will boost your energy.
You will get eternal peace by living in this area. The visitors also get eternal happiness while staying at kampung.

Why Is Kampung So Special In Malaysia?
The incredible and eye-catching sights, the refreshing atmosphere, the top tourist attraction spot, the comfortable homestays, and the cultural activities are some of the reason that makes kampung so special in Malaysia.
Another reason for its specialty is the coconut and rice fields and their unique methods of harvesting. People specially come to view the harvesting method.

Kampung is the most perfect place to breathe the fresh air and ease your soul. It is a golden opportunity to stay in kampung and comfort yourself. You should also visit here with your family and friends to have a great experience of Malaysian village culture.

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