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Introduction To Horses:
The horse is one of the most beautiful and graceful animals on planet earth. They are tall and have shining bodies. This domestic mammal also has a cool nature. It is a social and intelligent animal. Today, we found various breeds of horses, and each is different from the other.

Good News For The Visitors!
Now Kampung Agong got an exciting addition for its visitors. On December 7th, 2021, Kampung Agong got 7 different kinds of horses namely: Puteri, Bushra, Uncle Lucky, Snoopy, Princess Appalosa, Snow and Bella. Puteri is the very first horse to come to Kampung Agong.
The tourist that comes to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of Kampung Agong can also have a good time with horses.

Final Thoughts:
Kampung Agong is blessed to have these 7 different and wonderful kinds of horses. A large number of tourists come to meet them and spend time with them. You should also come to experience great horseback riding.

Photoshoot At Kampung Agong


Date of Birth: 11/7/2016
Place of Birth: Malaysia
Colour: Brown
Nature: Warm and calm.
Description: Cool and tall horse. Very friendly
Breed: KKC. The horses of this breed are quite tall and have long necks. They walk with grace and mostly come in black or brown colour.

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Date of Birth: 2/7/2021
Place of Birth: Malaysia
Colour: Brown
Nature: Warm and calm.
Description: Hot temper actually but it is a socialize
Breed: Little horse (KKC) The horses are very grateful for their appearance and are mostly black or brown. They Little horse has a hot temper but only when it is frustrating.

Camping At Kampung Agong

Uncle Lucky

Date of Birth: 23/5/2013
Place of Birth: Singapore
Colour: Black
Nature: Cool and smart.
Description: Easy to handle. Friendly nature, very intelligent and athletic, learn very quickly.
Breed: Ex-Race. The horses of this animal are retired from racing due to some injury or some disability.

Kampung Agong Beautiful Landscape


Date of Birth: 13/2/2019
Place of Birth: Malaysia
Colour: Snoopy white
Nature: Cool and moody.
Description: Snoopy has beautiful eyes. It is also social.
Breed: Paddy KKC The horses of this breed are quite tall and run very fast. It is excellent for riding.

Kampung Agong Beautiful Landscape

Princess Appalosa

Date of Birth: 3/10/2019
Place of Birth: Malaysia
Colour: Brown spots
Nature: Cowardly and shy.
Description: Love to eat food and very shy horse. But love to play around.
Breed: Appalosa KKC.

Kampung Agong Beautiful Landscape


Date of Birth: December 2022
Place of Birth: Malaysia
Colour: White
Nature: Friendly and pampered.
Description: Youngest horse after Bella. He is a mixed breed Appalosa and Arabian. He is an independent and intelligent horse. He is white with a unique spotted pattern on the body. He is calm and behaves gently.
Breed: Appalosa.

Kampung Agong Beautiful Landscape


Date of Birth: August 2022
Place of Birth: Kampung Agong Horse Stable, Malaysia
Colour: Black with white spots
Nature: Hyperactive, Cheerful, and Playful.
Description: Bella is the new member of our mini farm. She is Puteri’s Daughter. She jumps whenever she is excited. An opposite character with Bushra. She has shiny and soft black fur that gives her a royal and proud look.
Breed: KKC Horse.

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