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Frequently Asked Questions

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Kampung Agong is a very well-maintained and clean countryside agro theme park. The park is specially designed to connect visitors with mother nature. This beautiful park is a must-visit and it is a perfect source of entertainment and adventure for every individual.

Basic Information:

1. When does Kampung Agong operate time?

Kampung Agong starts operating time from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and is open daily.

2. How many acres of the theme park?

The area of the theme park is 15 acres.

3. Are there any food stalls in Kampung Agong?

Yes, there are several food options available in the theme park such as nasi lemak, laksa, bihun sup, and various snacks. Visitors can enjoy their food while resting under the hut.

4. How many types of paddy are there in the theme park?

There are 3 types of paddy in the park, namely rice paddy, glutinous paddy and black glutinous paddy.

5. How many types of rice fields are in the Kampung Agong area?

There are 3 types of rice fields here, namely: rice, glutinous rice and black glutinous rice.

6. How many varieties of plants?

There are 10 different types of plants present in the theme park.

7. Does Kampung Agong provide vehicles facilities inside the theme park?

Yes, there is a facility for transport inside the theme park. You can rent trams and buses for inside transportation.

8. Is parking free?

Generally, you have to pay for the parking. It is free parking only for those who stay on a homestay.

Fee Details:

1. What is the entry ticket price for the theme park?

For the ticket price for adults is RM10 (Citizens) and RM18 (Non-citizens). For children, it costs RM5 (Citizens) and RM12 (Non-Citizens). The children under the age of 3 are free. For more information: ticket page.

2. What is the ticket price for the tram?

For the tram, visitors need to pay RM4 to use the tram service.

3. What is the ticket price for the bicycle?

The bicycle rents start from RM10 to RM40.

4. How much is the ticket price for a horse?

The ticket price for a horse ride for children is RM15 and for adults RM25. If you want to ride with your children, the ticket price is RM30. (Include one adult and one kid.)

5. Can I use the campsite area for a barbecue?

If you want to do activities there, you need to rent a campsite for RM50 including the tent charges.

About Homestay:

1. How many homestays are available?

There are 5 homestays available, namely Terkukur, Merbok, Murai, the bigger one is Tempua and Sunrise the latest one.

2. How many people can be accommodated in one homestay?

– Terkukur and Merbok homestay can accommodate 4 people.
– Murai homestay can accommodate 6 people.
– Tempua homestay can accommodate 8 people.
– Sunrise homestay can accommodate 4 people. (Latest homestay.)

3. What is the price for each homestay provided?

For the pricing details kindly visit to: homestay page.

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