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The Kampung Agong gallery focuses on all the beautiful and memorable moments of the visitors. Our gallery includes the beautiful and precious moments of tourist which are quite colourful and provides attractive views and scenes.

Our gallery also captured some of our previous events. We hope that your events become successful in the Kampung Agong environment. It is because of the relaxed and peaceful environment of the village. The open area surrounding fields makes the event more attractive. People will also listen more carefully and admire more with the words when they are sitting in a soothing place.

Following Is The Collection Of Our Memories.

1. Agro Themed Park

We will share Kampung Agong scenery photos and meaningful moments. The photos of our visitors in the breathtaking sights make our collection even more fascinating. All of our photos reflect the precious moments of the visitors. Their broad smiles are very dear to us.

2. Homestay Photo

Our homestays are a reflection of Malay tradition. It will provide an opportunity to enjoy the daily activities of the locals. All the homestays are comfortable and huge. You will feel at home while staying in them.

3. Event Photo

We spread happiness, education, knowledge, fun, and celebrations with our colourful events. Our events reflect the happiness and love of the tourist while staying at the Kampung Agong.

4. Wedding Photo

Tourists select our place to make their special day more memorable. The two souls married in a wonderful place and make a heavenly couple. The local people also contribute to making the couple feel at home.

5. Group Photo (Important Moment.)

The visitors captured beautiful grouped photos with the locals. Every photo reflects the happiness of the tourist and the fun that they are having while staying in the village. Our gallery includes all the memory that we share with our visitors. We developed a bond with our visitors and we hope to meet them again.

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