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Event Space

Available For Rent

Rent A Great Event Space.

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Why Choose Us?

Kampung Agong is one of the tourist spots that maintain the atmosphere of the village. The calm environment and pleasant air make Kampung Agong an attractive place to visit.

What Are The Advantages?

Our advantage is to maintain the green atmosphere and the atmosphere of the village that is almost disappeared. Here you can also see the model of house made of wood that can give you the atmosphere of the village.

Work With Us!

Come work with us because we have such a great team that really committed to working and the teamwork is so good.

1. What kind of event is it suitable for?

Here is suitable for picnics, exploring races, pre-weddings and study tours.

2. What is the theme park area to hold an event or activity?

Kampung Agong will prepare the place based on the desired area and how many visitors there are at that time.

3. Does Kampung Agong provide equipment such as sound system?

Yes, and take note we only provide a basic sound system only.

4. Event space rental payment?

Any payment will be determined after obtaining approval from the Kampung Agong and the organizers.

5. Event at night time is that available?

Yes, here we got campfire, BBQ and the visitor can see an owl at night.

6. Visitor visit for the event parking?

Yes, we have the space parking for the event in front of the entrance.

7. Did Kampung Agong provide deco?

Yes, simple decoration only.

8. Did Kampung Agong provide facilities.

Yes, we provide basic facilities such as tables, long chair, tent for the event and stage.

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