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Event Space

Available For Rent

Rent A Great Event Space.

Our theme park provides a great event place. The huge area and beautiful surroundings will enhance the charisma of your event. Whether you want a picnic in a natural place or want to host pre weddings races, our theme park is suitable for every kind of event. It is a great place for a study tour as well as to explore the races. Book the best area for your upcoming event now at the most reasonable price. Kindly contact us for further information.

Why Choose Us?

Kampung Agong is one of the best tourist spots that maintain the atmosphere of the village. The calming environment provides a soothing effect to every soul. The pleasing atmosphere makes Kampung Agong an attractive place to visit.

What Are The Advantages?

Our gold is to maintain a fresh green environment and to develop the atmosphere of the village that is almost disappeared in the past few years. Moreover, the model of wood houses provides an opportunity for visitors to experience village life.

Work With Us!

Come and join our team. All of our teammates are cooperative and they all work with devotion as a team.

1. What kind of event is it suitable for?

Our theme park is suitable for picnics, exploring races, pre-weddings, and study tours.

2. What is the theme park area to hold an event or activity?

Kampung Agong will arrange a special area based on your demands and requirements. The selection of the area also depends on the number of visitors.

3. Does Kampung Agong provide the facility of a sound system?

Yes, we provide a basic sound system available for the events.

4. What is the average payment for the event?

The payment will be determined after getting approval from the Kampung Agong and the event organizers and the charges can vary depending on certain factors.

5. Does Kampung Agong allow nighttime activities?

Yes, Kampung Agong hosts several nighttime activities before. You can enjoy a campfire, and BBQ and can see owls at night.

6. Is there a parking area for the event visitors?

Yes, we have a huge parking area for the event in front of the entrance.

7. Did Kampung Agong provide a decoration?

Yes, the simple decoration can be available base on your request.

8. Did Kampung Agong provide facilities?

Yes, we provide basic facilities such as tables, long chairs, a tent for the event and a stage.

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