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The uniqueness of the food at Kampung Agong is based on traditional food. We offer several delicious cuisines that reflect Malaysian culture. The visitors get to enjoy a variety of traditional foods here. You can also get to enjoy the popular natural drinks that come from fresh coconuts such as original coconut, coconut jelly and coconut shake.

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Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak is one of the main breakfasts early in the morning for Malaysians. Complete rice with a half-boiled egg and garnished with anchovies and sauteed sambal from the villagers. The speciality of this nasi lemak is the use of coconut milk for its cooking.

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Laksa Penang

Laksa sauce mixture is made from a combination of torch ginger flowers and fresh fish stew. This unique combination will make the laksa sauce even more delicious. In case you want the laksa sauce spicy or sweet, you can add some chilli to make it spicy or you can add ketchup to make the sauce taste sweet.

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Penang Meat Soup Vermicelli “Bihun”

Penang meat soup vermicelli “Bihun” is made using the original soup spices and fresh meat. The secret of its delicious taste is hidden in its additional ingredient. The salted radish is added to the recipe as a complement to the taste. “Bihun” soup has its special chilli, the chilli soy sauce that adds more spiciness to the soup.

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Baked hot and crispy when eaten in the morning. This toast uses kaya as jam as a seasoning. If not interested in kaya jam, you can replace it with sugar and butter.

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Scrambled Egg Bread

For those who like American breakfast, this scrambled egg boiled can be a perfect meal in the morning. The recipe covers a unique combination. The toasted bread with half-cooked eggs and fried potatoes tastes so good.

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Dangai Cake

This dangai cake is a food of ancient people that is almost extinct, only the villager knows how to make dangai cake. This cake is made from young coconut filling and sago flour makes it tastier and softer when eating.

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Doughnuts filling is soft and fluffy when eaten. Doughnuts are also used as a snack or to complement sweets in food.

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Potato Karipap

You can taste the curry spice and potatoes while eating. The crispiness on the outside will make it even tastier. The crispy belt with a bit of spiciness and a great tea-time treat makes it a perfect snack to munch in the evening.

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Seri Muka Pandan

This delicious dessert consists of two layers. The first layer covers a mixture of coconut milk and selected ingredients. The second layer consists of fatty glutinous rice which produces a creamy fat taste on the glutinous rice part.

Kampung Agong Drink:

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Coconut Shake / Coconut Shake Honey Lemon

By using the original coconut water and coconut filling freshly cut from the trees, this natural drink is prepared without the addition of any artificial flavouring. This natural character makes the coconut drink more delicious.

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Coconut Jelly

Made from coconut filling, this coconut jelly is made without mixing water to meet the original coconut taste.

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Original Coconut Drink (Kampung Agong Special)

Drinks of young coconut fruit are organic and rich with their own properties and are good to drink when hot especially in hot weather.

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Mix Fruit Tea

The combination of 5 types of fruit, including watermelon, lemon apple, orange, and passion fruit with green tea enriches your taste buds with delicate and refreshing zest. The incredibly refreshing blend provides vegetal and nutty notes with hints of tropical fruity flavour. The fruity aroma with the perfect balance of sour and light bitterness is simply an amazing boost to your energy.

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Watermelon Green Tea

Made from the combination of watermelon and green tea, this flavorful beverage gives freshness when sip in hot weather. It is the top-selling drink in warm weather. You can enjoy this savoury drink in the evening to calm your stretched nerves.

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Coconut Lemon Green Tea

This refreshing tea gives an exciting burst of flavour. The combination of coconut,  lemon, and green tea is outstanding. The tea is light-salted and citrus, plus the herbal notes themselves are quite refreshing. You can enjoy it at any time of the day.

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