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Kampung Agong is not all about coconut fields but it is also a great opportunity to enjoy an adventurous trip to a variety of fruit farms. At Kampung Agong, we have a diversity of naturally grown fruit farms. The visitors can have a farm tour and learn exciting facts about fruit farming. Here is the list of fruit farms planted in the Kampung Agong:

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Belimbing Buluh

Belimbing buluh is used for various purposes in Malaysia. In Kampung Agong, there are 2 huge belimbing buluh trees near the tempura homestay and one tree in Park 2.

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Soursop is a small but evergreen tree. Its fruit is juicy and aromatic. You can discover it in park 2 and the horse stable area. The tree at park 2 is a sapling but at the horse stable, you can find a mature tree rich with fruits.

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Jambu Air

Jambu air is a tropical tree with evergreen leaves. The trees give fruits in the spring and the late fall. Visitors of the park can see the beautiful grown Jambu air tree at the entrance of the counter.

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Fruit Stoi

We have 1 stoi tree near the guard area at the back of park 3. The tree was planted by the villager and located outside the fence. The stoi tree is incredibly tall and there’s no other fruit tree in this area.

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Visitors can easily locate a grove of pineapple trees in park 3 gracefully grown near the fence. We have more than 20 trees there.

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The tourists can enhance the beauty of papaya trees in park 2 close to the fence that separates park 1 and part 2. Some of our papaya trees are fully matured while others are still saplings.

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Banana is the favourite fruit of the natives of Malaysia.
You can find banana trees anywhere as they are planted in every park. In park 1, there is a sapling of a banana tree while park 2 and park 3 have mature banana trees. The tourists can also taste fresh bananas if they visit the park during the productive season.

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Jackfruit (Nanga)

The nanga tree, also known as the jack tree, is a huge fruit-bearing tree. In Kampung Agong there is only one huge Jackfruit planted in park 2 near the old house.

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Cempedak is a tropical evergreen tree with edible fruit. Currently, Kampung Agong has only 1 cempedak tree in park 2. The tree is planted next to the papaya tree. Visitors can taste the fruit during the fruiting season.

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It is another tropical plant with sweet and juicy fruit. You can find it in park 2 near the mango tree. Due to the unfavourable weather, the tree barely gives fruits.

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Mangoes are the universally favourite fruit. In Kampung Agong, you can discover a huge mango tree in park 2. The tree is very next to the longan tree.

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The Rambai tree is grown in various Asian countries for its fruits. It is planted outside the Kampung Agong area. You can find it close to the guard’s hut which is present at the back of park 3.

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The cermai tree is mostly seen in the northern region of Malay. You can enjoy the view of the cermai tree in park 2 near the durian tree. If visitors enter park 2, they can easily see the tree at the roadside.

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Limau is a medium-sized tree with aromatic leaves. The tourists can see the lemon tree in park 2. A single sapling has been planted near the entrance at park 2.

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In Kampung Agong, there is 1 durian tree at the old house in park 2. You can find this gigantic tree near the hut and cermai tree.

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This wonderful tree is located near the entrance of park 2. You can see the fleshy fruits hanging down from branches in the fruiting season.

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Kampung Agong is blessed with a large number of coconut trees. They are the main attraction of our park, especially for visitors from rural areas. We have more than 1000 coconut trees in park 1, park,2, and park 3. Some of these trees are also found in the homestay area.

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