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Theme Park Map

Info Map

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You can download this Kampung Agong theme park map provides an easy guide for visitors to explore the fourth corner of the theme park. Kindly visit this link, if you can’t download the map on this page. For more information you can be asking our team members we are happy to guide you.

Park 1

In park 1, there is a cafe, souvenir shop, organic shop, reception, prayer hall, horse stable and gazebo for visitors can relax while drinking coconut water. Here also have bicycles to rent for the whole day and visitors can ride by tram or buggy to the park 3.

Park 2

In park 2, there are many fruits trees that are planted here and have one prop which is a piano for visitors to take pictures.

Park 3

In park 3, have a counter for trams or buggies, a mini cafe, station for trams or buggies and there have many props to take pictures. Park 3 also have homestays and campsite which are the restricted area for outside visitors to enter. Only homestay and campsite customer is allowed to enter.

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