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Mini Animal Farm

A Little Farm With A Lot Of Heart

Our Mini Animal Farm

Kampung Agong is packed with uncountable attractive points for its visitors. Within these attractions, our mini animal farm is another captivating spot to discover. Our mini animal farm has a diversity of beautiful birds, horses and animals. The tourists enjoy watching colourful species running throughout the farm freely. Come and admire this miniature scene of adorableness. It is a must-visit point if you go to Kampung Agong.

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African Goose (Angsa Africa)

African goose is a little bird similar to the Chinese goose but not active like them. These African bird is considered one of the longest-living goose. These birds are alert and loud. The male partner is bigger than the female. You can mostly find them on the ground.

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Macaw Parrot (Burung Kakak Tua)

Macaw parrot have both smaller and larger species. They are powdery light to deep indigo. The macaw parrot is a colourful bird that happily interacts with its visitors. You can capture good selfies by placing them on your shoulders. Be careful not to get caught by its sharp beak.

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Chinese Goose (Angsa China)

Chinese goose are slender birds with long necks. They look similar to swans and can be white or brown in colour. These lightweight and slender domestic geese are very independent and quite aggressive.

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Domestic Muscovy Duck (Itik Serati)

Domestic Muscovy Ducks are the largest species of ducks with long necks that make them look like small geese. They are polygamous and one male mates with several females in their territory. It is quite social and friendly and loves to play with its visitor. You will have a good time with this unique duck.

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Emu Bird (Burung Emu)

Emu is a fast runner bird with a speed of up to 31 mph. It is also known as the second tallest living bird. The bird is docile and gentle around humans. It makes its visitor by making a deep drumming sound.

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Guineafowls (Ayam Mutiara)

They are also known as pet-speckled hens or original fowl. They feed on insects like ticks, grasshoppers, caterpillars, spiders, scorpions, snakes, and garden slugs. They have a habit of hiding and sharing the nest with others until eggs are accumulated.It means they are friendly and cooperative in nature.

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Lionhead Rabbit (Arnab Kepala Singa)

They are named as “Lionheded Rabbits” because of the long fur around their throat and head just like the lion. These species of rabbits are classified as dwarf rabbits because of their low weight. The adorable rabbits are timid-natured but friendly. You can enjoy seeing them playing around.

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Peafowls (Burung Merak)

Peafowls or peacocks are tall and colourful forest birds of the pheasant family. The female partner is individually known as Peahen while the male partner is known as Peacook.We have white and brown species of this indecent tail. The bird spreads its huge wings in the rainy season and amuses visitors.

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Psittaculidae (Burung Nuri)

Burung Nuri is a popular talking pet. Their male partner can have talking skills only. The female bird never learns to speak. This colourful species of parrot will delight your kids.

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Sheep (Biri Biri)

Sheep is a domestic cud-chewing livestock mammal with a friendly nature. The skin of this ruminant mammal is covered with a fluffy coat. The sheep at our farm are gentle and like to bond with their visitors. You can play and capture beautiful moments with them.

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Sun Conure (Conure Matahari)

Sun Conure grows into a bright coloured bird in 2 years. There is a slight difference in the shade between male and female sun conures. Sun parakeet is a beautiful bird to capture photos of. You can have a good time watching them moving gracefully around the farm.

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Wild Turkey (Ayam Belanda)

The wild turkey is a large bird of the genus Meleagris, native to North America. This male partner can change their facial colour. These birds are not dangerous and can be scared easily. It is a beautiful bird and unique. The tourists love to watch the bonding between them.

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Guinea Pig (Tikus Belanda)

Guinea pig is a small sized rodent. They have a round body with a large head and short ears. This adorable animal love to interact with others. When distressed, bored or ill, these mini creature becomes aggressive and hide somewhere.

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Teddy Rabbit (Teddy Arnab)

Teddy rabbit are dwarf rabbits with plushy fur and round bodies. They are the real furballs with innocent face. These rabbits have two types, teddy dwarfs with prick ears and teddy widder with lop ears.

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