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Kampung Agong is one of the top tourist attractions of Penaga, Malaysia. It is a countryside Agro Theme Park. A large number of tourists come there and have fun with their family and friends.
Kampong Aging provides lots of adventure, beautiful sceneries, and a refreshing environment. Visitors have fun at every moment while staying at Kampung Agong.
Today, we have brought tips on how to have fun at Kampung Agong throughout the day.

Early In The Morning Activities:
In the morning time is the best part of the day. At this time, there are various attractions for the tourists.
From around 6 to 7 am, you can have the wonderful sight of lovely birds. The birds of various species appear in the morning to amuse the people. The local bird tekukur murai and tekukur merbuk further enhance the attractiveness of the spot with their sweet and pleasing chirping sounds.
You can also enjoy fishing at the beautiful river near the Kampung Agong.
At around 8 am, you can enjoy jogging near the extensive paddy fields and several coconut trees. A large number of coconut trees have grown there, They are also the habitat of various kinds of birds.

Afternoon Activities:
In the afternoon, you can capture beautiful moments along with the huge and remarkable bird’s nest. The tourist also used to enjoy delicious food at the entrance area. You can also have some tea to make yourself warm for the rest of your journey.

Tea Time Activities:
There is also a coconut farm in the Kampung Agong which is also a common picnic spot for the tourist. You can stay there for a while and refresh yourself by drinking coconut drinks.
There is also a group of horses here available to capture photos with. Recently, two little horses joined the crew named, Bushra and Puteri. These little fellows can become a good ride for your kids.

The Evening Attractions:
The evening time at the Kampung Agong presents attractive and spectacular scenery. The view of sunset at the Gunung Jerai presents an eye-catching view.

At Night Time:
At nighttime, you can have sleep at the luxurious kampung homestays. Get some sleep in the comfortable homestays and gather your energy for the next day’s adventure.
Those who like to stay here got some options for you to select camping or homestay accommodation visitor. You should also have this great experience of staying at Kampong Agong. Various comfortable and luxurious camps/homestays are available at an affordable price.

Finishing Kampung Agong journey, visitor do buying. Souvenir, Madu kelulut (honey), fruits, belacan, gula Kelapa, and nira are some of the top products that visitors love to buy.

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