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Pasar Khamis & Ahad Penaga
Opening Time: 7am to 1pm (Thursday & Sunday Only)

Pasar Khamis & Ahad Penaga is a big and excellent grocery market in Penang. The market is also known as Pekan Khamis and Pekan Ahad by the locals.
This grand market opens only on Thursday and Sunday. It is one of the longest morning markets in Penang and is remains crowded throughout the day. A large crowd of people visits the market for groceries.
This market means a lot for the villagers. It is a way of earning for the residents. The locals used to earn their living by selling various kinds of stuff. The stuff includes street foods, clothes, minimums, and household items you should also visit this place to have an exciting experience.

Roti Canai Mamu Penaga
Opening Time: 8am to 10pm (Tuesday Open 24 hours)

Roti Canai is an Indian Muslim family restaurant. The restaurant served various delicious traditional foods along with Roti Canai. The restaurant is quite famous and highly recommended for its Roti Canai.
Roti Canai is a popular flatbread. It is a Malaysian adaptation of the Indian paratha.
You should also visit this great place to grab a bit of their special dish.

Kebun Nipah Pak Man
Opening Time: 10am to 7pm (Open Daily)

Kebun Nipah Pak Man is a refreshing place and one of the famous tourist attractions. Many people used to come to this place to enjoy a relaxing time with their family.
Many people come and enjoy drinking Air Nira Nipah here. Nira Nipah is a Malaysian drink that Malay people love to drink. It tastes sweet and gives a refreshing pleasant.
Additionally, Pak Man is also a leading entrepreneur of Nipah water and vinegar in Tepi Laut village, Pasir Gebu, Penaga S.P.U.

Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple
Opening Time: Temporarily Closed

Tua Pek Kong is an attractive and colourful Chinese Temple. It is located on Jalan Penaga, next to Aik Keow Primary School. The Tua Pek Kong Temple of Penaga is one of the major and the oldest Chinese temples in the town.
The temple was constructed for Tua Pek Kong. It is the tutelary (Guardian) God of the Taoists in the area. Red bricks were used to embellish the main building of the temple. The roof of the temple is topped with colourful curled dragon statuettes. In the front of the temple, there is a roofed- structure especially built for the performances. The performances were held during religious festivals days.

Kampung 20 (Pak Long Din Mee Udang)
Opening Time: 11am to 7pm (Thursday & Friday Closed)


Kampung 20 is another stunning spot for tourists. The place is surrounded by naturally grown mangrove swamp forests. The swamp forests are spread to 1500 acres approximately.
This mangrove swamp forest is quite an attractive place and holds significant importance. The place is the habitat for various kinds of fish and crabs. The place is also visited by different species of birds that come from far away from Russia and the Arctic.
Pak Long Din Mee Udang is one of the popular restaurant of kampung 20. The taste of their shrimp noodles is quite famous in this area. The passionate seafood lovers would not miss the chance of visiting a seafood restaurant owned by a malay uncle, who will go fishing for prawn and other seafood.
The dishes are prepared using fresh newly caught seafood by the river to maintain its freshness and tenderness. This is one of the many reasons why seafood lovers would come here. The dishes are also affordable and worth the prices. It would be a loss if this place is not included in your list of food-hunting!

Tsunami Gallery (Galeri Tsunami)
Opening Time: 8:30am to 6pm (Sunday Until 6:30pm)

Tsunami Gallery is a very informative and attractive place to visit. The Kota Kuala Muda Tsunami Memorial and its next-door Tsunami Gallery are the remembrance of the sad event, the destructive tsunami which took place on December 26, 2004. A powerful earthquake of 8.9 magnitudes hit this area and take thousands of lives.
The earthquake causes huge waves that reached up to six meters in height and flooded the far seas coastal areas. Some parts of Malaysia were also covered by it.
A monument was constructed to mark that destructive event using 26 fishing boats. All these boasts were damaged by those huge waves. The 26 boats signify the date December 26, 2004. Visitors come to view the unique monument of that destructive event.

Pintu Gerbang Kota Kuala Muda
Opening Time: Temporarily Closed

This place is another great attraction for tourists It is a historical landmark and a great opportunity to explore history. The entrance gate is similar to Pintu Malim, which is one of the gates of Kota Kuala Kedah that is located at the Kedah River.
Kota Kuala Kedah is the only Malay city that is made by using bricks. Thi historical city is still preserved and can be seen today. 
The city was constructed during the reign of Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah. The construction took place in1760. At this time he conquered the throne of the Kedah State Government to defend the State of Kedah from Siamese military attacks.

Galeri Arkeologi Guar Kepah Seberang Perai Utara Pulau Pinang
Opening Time: 8am to 5pm (Open Daily)

It is an archaeological heritage gallery and frees for tourists to visit. The gallery provides researched-based information about the history and archaeology of human skeletons from over 5000 years old, porcelain and iron artifacts, pottery fragments, and more.
A large number of tourists come to seek informative knowledge and to learn.

Kompleks Pasar Bisik Ikan Kuala Muda, Kedah
Opening Time: 8am to 3pm (Open Daily)

Pasar Bisik is a famous seafood market. It is popular for its unique whispering practice to reduce the prices. This practice was started about 50 years ago and until now it remains a tradition to determine the sale and purchase price of fresh seafood between fishermen and customers at Pasar Bisik Kuala Muda.
You should also have the experience of buying fresh seafood at a reasonable price here.

Merbok River
Opening Time: Unknown

Merbok River is a lovely mangrove forest river. It is located in the state of Kedah. The mangrove forest that faces the river is a rich habitat for the exceptional biodiversity of flora (flowers) and fauna (animals).
This remarkable mangrove consists of forty-two out of sixty total species of mangrove from all around the world.
This tour of this river will bring you on an exhilarating and fun adventure as you explore the beautiful attractions and sceneries of the Merbok River along with the diversity of animals and flowers.

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