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About Tekukur Bird:
Tekukur is a small, attractive, and unique garden bird. It is found in forests, fields, and parks. It is also named mountain dove, spotted-necked dove, and pearl-necked dove.

The species of these birds come into various variations. The body of the tekukur bird is brown overall with a rosy breast. A unique white-spotted black nape patch further enhances the beauty of this bird.

The tekukur birds are found throughout Asia. Several species of this bird were introduced to a different part of the world. In Malaysia, people can find this bird only near Kampung Agong.

Importance In Malaysia:
In Malaysia, this bird is holding symbolistic values. The picture of this bird is used on several Malaysian stamps.
The catching of the tekukur birds has been reserved as a traditional culture for Malays “meracik & menjebak”. Some people catch these birds to represent their culture and for entertainment purposes.

One Of The Favourite Bird Of Birds Lovers:
These spotted birds are one of the most favourite birds of bird fans or birds lovers. The bird’s lovers are always in search to catch a view of this captivating bird.
They used various methods to catch their favourite bird “kaki burung”.They use various methods such as “racik” and “jebak” to catch it.

Best Place To View Tekukur Birds In Malaysia:
The Kampung Agong is an ideal place for birds lovers to catch a view of this beautiful bird. Kampung Agong is covered with thousands of coconut trees, which provide habitats for the tekukur birds to “melambung” during the paddy harvesting season.

Make Sweet Noises To Attract People:
This spotted dive was used to attract the people towards itself through its melodious voice. This bird cooing softly early in the morning. Birds lovers used to get up early in the morning to hear the sweet chirping made by these birds. We can hear it “te Ku kurr~ Ku kurr~ ku kurr”. These birds also made other sounds such as they will “angguk” when they are competing to find their mate.

The Beautiful Sighting Of This Unique Spotted-necked Bird Through Homestays In Kampung Agong:
People come and enjoy the beautiful view and sweet noises of the “kaki burung” while staying in the comfortable homestays near kampung.
We welcome you to come and stay in our luxurious and affordable homestays in Kampung Agong and have a view of this beautiful little creature of nature. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this great opportunity right now and begins your journey to view the tekukur bird & “tahan burung” (catching bird).

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