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Honey is considered one of the largest industries of our globe. It is a worldwide favourite food substance and people love its sweet taste. But when we talk about farming, a small number of people come forward. People are afraid of honeybee stings and therefore, avoid going near the beehives.

Interestingly, many countries around the world are now farming stingless bees so they can go near the beehives without any fear. The country of Malaysia also had started the farming of stingless bees.

Stingless bees are also famous as stingless honey bees and trigona. In Malaysia, it is known as the Kelulut. As their name implies stingless bees do not sting but they can bite for self-defence.

Stingless bees are been living in Malaysia for thousands of years. The research shows that Malaysia contains around 30 different species of Stingless bees. The most common species are:
– Geniotrigona Thoracica
– Heterotrigona Itana
– Tatragonilla stripes
From the above three species, only the first two species are used to produces honey commercially in Malaysia.

Stingless bees resemble houseflies in their appearance. They are small in size and the body is plain without any stripes.

Honey bees are very common but stingless honey bees are found only in some specific areas. They are found in tropical and subtropical climates.
Generally, the stingless bees used underground cavities, wall cavities, and hollow trunks to make their hive. In Malaysia, these bees also seem to make their hive surrounding jumbo air trees.

The honey of stingless bees tastes unique and wonderful. People enjoy its pure form even before adding any preservatives. It is sweet, tangy, and sour. It is comparatively sweeter than others.

The honey produced by stingless bees is very healthy and valuable. It highly benefits health if consumed regularly. It is completely free of any harmful chemicals that can harm human health. This stingless honey is widely used for traditional use and also for clinical applications. Stingless honey is rich in antioxidants and therefore holds medicinal values Research also shows that people in the past use it because of its medicinal properties. It also holds antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Kampung Agong Stingless Bees Farm:
Stingless bees farms are an important part of the Kampung Agong-themed Park. The Kampung Agong is surrounded by various coconut trees and the stingless bees use these coconut trees for nectar. The stingless bees used to collect their nectar from the blooming flower of coconut trees.
Some of the stingless bees farms of Kampung Agong are open for public visits in Malaysia. A large number of visitors come to the stingless bees hives. They come and seek knowledge about the different species of stingless bees. The visitors are also allowed to collect honey by themselves. Many people experience unique honey harvesting methods under the guidance of experienced professionals.

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