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Kampung Agong paddy field is a field that is used for the cultivation of rice. Rice is the most staple crop and food of many countries around the globe. In many countries, people love to eat rice for diner and lunch. With necessary factors are provided sufficiently, a huge amount of rice is produced in paddy fields.

The country of Malaysia also has a vast number of paddy fields. They grow a sufficient amount of rice throughout the country. In Penang, Kampung Agong provides a beautiful landscape view of its rich green paddy fields.

From the last decade, the growth of rice in Penang got under threat. But the Malaysian government has taken actions to control it. There are also various articles on the internet for the farmers of Penang to keep progress in their rice production.

Conditions And Factors Required For Rice Cultivation:
Following are the factors that are required to enhance rice production:
1. Sufficient Supply Of Water
A rice field demands a huge amount of water. Therefore, farmers should try to select areas with Rainfall 115 cm for rice cultivation.
2. Suitable Temperature
Paddy fields grow best in temperature between 20°C to 27°C.
3. Use Of Fertilizers
Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the three most essential nutrients for the cultivation of rice.
4. Soil And Surface Area
A perfect soil and a levelled surface are key elements to get huge production of rice. Paddy grows in a vast range of soil including silt clay, silt clay loam, and clay. Clayey loam soil and fertile riverine alluvial soil are the most suitable.
5. Labour
Rice production demands more labour than any other crop to get the best result.

Advantages Of The Paddy Field:
A paddy field holds advantages for the people, farmers, and the local environment. Some of the major benefits of the paddy field include:
– It helps to control floods.
– Rice is a staple food and consumed by several people.
– It provides an advantage to biodiversity.
– It provides direct and indirect jobs to various people.
– It is a source of income for various people.
– It beautifies the environment and also regulates its temperature.
– It helps in maintaining groundwater recharge
– It provides a comfortable environment and gives a cooling effect.

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