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Deputy Director General Of Agriculture Malaysia

Basic Overview Of Kampung Agong:
Kampung Agong is a beautiful countryside Agro Themed Park located in Penang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. It is also home to a large number of coconuts. This stunning destination provides eye-catching views, unending adventure, peace of mind, and lots of fun to its visitors. The most special and unique thing about this park is the paddy fields. A large number of visitors come to experience the traditional paddy harvesting process.

Deputy Director-General Of Agriculture Visit Kampung Agong:
Recently, the Deputy Director-General of Agriculture of Malaysia visited this amazing spot to explore its beauty. The main reason behind this visit is to acquire complete details and information about the coconut and paddy fields plantation techniques in the Kampung Agong theme park area. They also want to gain knowledge about the traditional paddy harvesting process.

Aim Of This Visit:
Jabatan Pertanian, the agricultural department ministry of agriculture and food industry, aims to visit Kampung Agong and explore the natural resources that can be utilized to transform it into an Agro Park.
They want to attract a large number of tourists to come and explore the unique plantation methods of paddy fields of Kampung Agong. Their goal is to promote both tourism and agriculture at Kampung Agong.

An Overview About Jabatan Pertanian:
Jabatan Pertanian is blessing support and a big helping hand in the field of agriculture for Malaysia. They always provide quality products that are completely safe and have no harm to the environment.

They support agricultural entrepreneurs through advanced technologies. They provide advanced agricultural tools and developmental services. With their help and support, the farmers can grow more and better quality crops.

Reason Of Visiting Kampung Agong:
Jabatan Pertanian had visited the Kampung Agong for research purposes.They also cooperate with Kampung Agong to enhance the agriculture industry in Malaysia. Besides all, they visited Kampung Agong to give their support and provide the needs of the basic plantation including soil, fertilizer, and seedlings.

This collaboration of Jabatan Pertanian with Kampung Agong went successful and is beneficial to promote tourism. It will also help to lead the Malayasia society to step into agrotourism and will help to bring it to the next level in the future.

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