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PIFF 2021

Penang International Food Festival

About PIFF:
Penang International Food Festival is a 16-day event held every year at Penang. Penang International Food Festival is an occasion that represents malay food, culture, and tradition. Is a great opportunity to experience the malay food culture.

This event is a great opportunity for tourists to experience the delicious taste of a variety of delicious malay traditional food and beverages. This event provides the tourists with optional and a lot of exceptional dining concepts throughout the island.

The tourists can come and can have a great experience of Malaysian local foods through different booths. Several booths are installed for the visitors to come and pick any malay cuisine that they want to try. The booths provide the visitors with huge-sized boxes filled with delicious malay cuisine.

Must Taste Malaysian Cuisines At PIFF:
At PIFF, Visitors can enjoy a variety of Malaysian cuisines. Tourists can enjoy the refreshing sipping of fresh coconut water of Kampung Agong and can also chow down the satays.

1. The Refreshing Sipping Of Coconut Water.
A large number of visitors especially come to the PIFF to sip the refreshing coconut water at Kampung Agong. The tourist enjoys the soothing effect of coconut water while enjoying the event.

Coconut holds significant importance in the malay culture and it is one of the most commonly used food in Malaysian cooking. The locals consume the coconut in a variety of different ways.

2. The Delicious Chicken Satays.
Chicken satay is also quite famous among the visitors. It is one of the most well-known street food in Malaysia. It is made with marinated meat and grilled on its skewers with a sauce. Visitors enjoy the taste of chicken satay and amuse themselves.

3. Malay Kuih Has No Match.
There are various other traditional Malaysian cuisines that you can taste at this PIFF. Malay kuih such as curry puffs is another traditional malay food providing a dynamic flavour of either sweet or savoury. This is also quite famous among the visitors.

PIFF holds significant importance in representing the cultural and traditional cuisine of malay. The representation of the culture of any region is valued a lot and also provides advantages both socially as well as economically. Culture also helps to enhance the overall life and well beings of local individuals.

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