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Welcome to come and visit. At Kampung Kafe several different foods here.

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Nasi Lemak Special

A savoury rice dish made with “telang” flowers and served with pandan leaves, sambal, and anchovies. The added cucumber, boiled egg, fried beans, and popedom with fried chicken give a unique taste.

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Spaghetti Bolognese

Italian pasta topped up with tomatoes. Black pepper with mushroom is extremely zesty.

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Spaghetti Carbonara

Loaded with cheese and top up with Parsley and mushroom. The perfect meal to delight your mood.

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Mushroom Soup

Super-creamy and buttery. The onion, garlic, mushrooms, cookie bread, and plain flour with parsley are added to boost the flavour.

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Meatball With Potato

Made with mashed potato. The butter, pepper, and milk with brown sauce will excite the taste buds.

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Iced Chocolate

A sweet and chilled drink made using Ice, milk, and dark chocolate. Brown sugar is used for sweetness.

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Refreshing Drinks (New)

Total got 5 different flavours.

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