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Film Shooting

Title: The Journey Our Homeland

The Journey: Our Homeland is a blockbuster Singapore serial of the year 2015. This is a chinese language period serial with a total of 30 episodes. The production of this series starts in January 2015 and debuted on 16 July 2015. This how is a hit and won several awards.

This great serial is the third and final season of “The Journey” that shows the complete story of Singapore. The final season covers the diverging phases of life that the youth of Singapore experience. Together with their united effort, the people of Singapore make their country a prosperous and blessed homeland.

The serial needs a calm and refreshing location for the shooting therefore, a part of this serial was also shooting in kampung Agong. It took around 2 weeks to complete the film at Kampung Agong. The great coconut grooves are selected for the shooting of the scene. The entire team enjoys shooting in the refreshing air of Kampung Agong.

This great film is also an excellent portrayal description of chinese culture and Baba Nyonya culture.

Chinese Culture:
Chinese culture is one of the oldest cultures of our globe. It is thought to be originated several thousand years ago. This diverse culture covers a large geographical area in east Asia. The traditions of this culture vary from area to area. The great civilization of China is being considered as a dominant culture of east Asia for years. Being an ancient civilization, the chinese culture has its influence on several aspects of Asia.

Baba Nyonya Culture:
The Baba and Nyonya culture is also known as Chinese Peranakan Culture. The word Baba is a general ethnic term used for the chinese people who were born in Straits Settlements. This culture is a mixed culture that originated from both chinese culture and Southeast Asian local culture. This culture recommends some of the chinese belief systems.  The Nyonya cuisine reflects the cultural identity of the chinese and localized Peranakans.

The Journey: Our Homeland is one of the outstanding serials that teaches and tells people about the history of Singapore. The children and youth came to know about the great struggle of their ancestors by watching the serial. This show also helps to increase the spirit of patriotism in the heart of people. Moreover, this serial also promoted the chinese language.

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